Ranger Plant Constructional Company

Ranger Plant Constructional Company, Inc. was founded in June of 1972, in Abilene, TX. The company was formed by Cecil Castleman, Frank Ford, and Woody Strickland. Cecil, Frank, and Woody were friends for many years and had worked together during this time for other contractors. They began working in the industry at a very young age. Cecil, at the age of 19, went to work for El Paso National Gas Company. Frank, at 22, started working for Dresser Engineering Company. At 22, Woody began working for Olsen Engineering Corporation. Throughout the years, they became highly respected for their knowledge and expertise in the installation of compressor stations; which included large diameter pipe, hot tie-ins into existing pipelines, hydro-testing, oil flushing, concrete, instrumentation, electrical and start-up. Their top priority was to meet project milestones, especially startup dates. With this in mind, they built a team that became highly respected for their expertise and project management.

In 1971, Ben Greene, Construction Director for Tennessee Gas Transmission, knew Cecil and Frank were interested in starting a construction business. He advised them to decide on a company name and get a banker; then he would add them to Tennessee Gas’ bid list. Mr. Greene had met Cecil and Frank years before when they were with Olson Engineers, the General Contractor on an extensive project for Tennessee Gas Transmission. The widespread project covered an area from Chalmette, LA to Ada, MN. Throughout the construction of this project, Mr. Greene and his team held numerous meetings with Cecil and Frank due to their invaluable expertise in compressor station installation.

Ben Greene’s encouragement was the final blessing Cecil, Frank, and Woody needed to start the company. Ranger Plant Constructional Company was founded in 1972 with a foundation built on integrity, impeccable work ethics, and consistently meeting milestones.

Yearly Highlights


Cecil Castleman remains the major shareholder of Ranger Plant Constructional. The company continues to be an industry leader in the installation of natural gas compressor stations, meter and pump stations. Ranger remains committed to its founding vision and core values that were established in 1972 which consist of integrity, work ethics, and meeting milestones.


Ranger Plant Constructional is licensed to perform work in 49 states, including 11 states requiring a qualifier. Ranger has completed over 700 projects, with total installed compression exceeding 2,300,000 horsepower. This includes 236 reciprocating engines and 145 turbine engines.


Kinder Morgan awarded Ranger the 2018 "Outstanding Safety Performance” for the Natural Gas Business Unit. Ranger Plant Constructional was selected from among 1898 contractors.


Cecil Castleman was awarded the Model Business Leader by the Abilene Reporter News.


Kinder Morgan awarded Ranger the 2011 "Best Safety Performance” for the Business Unit Contractor. Ranger Plant Constructional was selected from among 500 contractors.


Ranger is awarded a $19M lump sum contract. Ranger’s construction services branch into Maine.


During the next 3 years, Ranger works extensively with Kinder Morgan on cost plus projects totaling $215M.


Annual revenue reaches $35M. Ranger’s construction services extend into Arizona.


Ranger completes its first EPC project totaling $13M. Total installed compression surpasses 1,000,000 Horsepower, including 156 reciprocating engines and 84 turbine engines. Ranger is awarded a $7M contract as a lump sum.


Ranger completes over 300 projects, with horsepower exceeding 685,000. Ranger’s new clients include Colorado Interstate Gas, Northern Border Pipeline, South Carolina Pipeline, Texas Eastern Gas, and Tenneco Energy. Ranger’s construction services move into Wyoming, Missouri, Ohio, and West Virginia.


Total compression reaches 475,000 Horsepower; with over 280 projects completed. Ranger expands its construction services into Oregon, Nebraska, Colorado, Illinois, and South Dakota.


Cecil agrees to buy-out Frank and takes controlling ownership of Ranger.


A total of 125 reciprocating engines and 19 turbine engines are installed. Total compression Horsepower surpasses 350,000. Ranger expands its construction services into Utah, Nevada, Florida, Indiana, Arkansas, and South Carolina. Ranger is awarded a $4M lump sum contract. Annual revenues hit $25M.


Cecil and Frank agree to buy-out Woody. Cecil and Frank become the two major shareholders.


Ranger’s new clients include Columbia Gulf Transmission, Enron, Natural Gas Pipeline, and Southern Natural Gas. Ranger’s construction services travel into new states; Virginia, California, New York, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania.


Ranger is awarded its first lump sum contract over $2M.


Ranger surpasses 200 projects, which include 98 reciprocating engines and 7 turbine engines; totaling 215,000 Horsepower of compression.


New clients include Shell Oil, Red River Gas Pipeline, Southern Natural Gas, and Union Carbide. Ranger’s work radius now expands into Georgia, Alabama, and Montana. Northern Natural Gas selects Ranger for a project with an extremely compressed schedule, located in a remote area of North Dakota. Ranger is selected for this project because of its exceptional reputation for meeting milestones. Ranger earns the respect of Northern Natural Gas by commissioning the project ahead of schedule.


Ranger’s headquarters move into a newly constructed office building. Northern Natural Gas awards Ranger its first lump sum contract over $1M.


A total of 92 projects have been completed; including 53 reciprocating compressor engines, one (1) turbine compressor engine, 10 cryogenic facilities, seven (7) CO2 facilities, and two (2) dehydration units. New clients are Pride Refinery, Texas Oil & Gas, Warren Petroleum, High Plains Natural Gas, Transcontinental Gas Co., LaVacca Gathering Co., Transwestern Pipeline, Valero Gas, and Lone Star Gas. Ranger’s construction services move into Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.


Ranger completes 25 projects, including 17 reciprocating compressor engines, six (6) CO2 and six (6) cryogenic facilities. Projects are awarded by Tennessee Gas Transmission, Exxon, Northern Natural Gas, and Panhandle Eastern Pipeline. Ranger’s construction services travel into the states of Kansas and Louisiana. Ranger moves from Frank’s home into an office trailer on a two acre lot. Revenue is $2M.


Ranger opens its doors for business and sets up operations in Frank’s home. Cecil and Woody take roles as Job Superintendent and Estimator. Frank’s responsibilities are Sales, Marketing, Estimating, and Accounting. Ranger’s first two jobs are awarded by Tennessee Gas Transmission; one located in De Kalb, Mississippi, and the other located in Collinwood, Tennessee. Revenue is $200,000.