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Our mission is to exceed customer expectations with our exceptional performance, integrity, and dedication.


Ranger Plant Constructional is committed to developing strong business relationships by practicing proper business ethics, exhibiting superior quality workmanship, completing projects incident free, on schedule, and within budget.

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Ranger Plant Constructional is a leader and respected construction company in the energy industry today. Since 1972, we have completed over 690 projects successfully. Our completed projects consist of the construction of natural gas reciprocating compressor stations and natural gas turbine compressor stations, and meter and pump stations.

Sinton project
(Feb 2019)

Williams Sinton, TX

Install (1) 7,800 HP Solar Taurus C402 turbine driven compressor package

Williams Wharton TX
(Jan 2019)

Williams Wharton, TX

Install (1) 1,500 HP Toshiba electric motor driven Ariel JGH4 compressor package

KM Big Wells
(Dec 2019)

Kinder Morgan Big Wells, TX

Install (1) 32,900 HP Solar Titan 250E turbine & (1) 22,400 HP Solar Titan

Let the Ranger team show you the true definition of "exceeding customer satisfaction".

Ranger Plant Constructional Company, Inc. is a leader and respected construction company in the energy industry. We pride ourselves on being a company that puts integrity and dedication foremost. Ranger’s reputation, highlighted by the experience of its managers and supervisors, add greatly to proven success.

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